IDC 2017

11th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing
11 – 13 October 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

About University of Novi Sad

The University of Novi Sad is a university located in Novi Sad, the capital of the Serbian province of Vojvodina. You can find more detais about the city here.

Novi Sad and Vojvodina have always been major centers of culture and education in Serbia. Although the University of Novi Sad was established in 1960 with its modern campus, Novi Sad and the whole region have a record of education starting from the 11th century with religious seminaries.

The University of Novi Sad has more than 50.000 students and 5.000 employees and as such it is one of the largest educational and research centres in Central Europe. It belongs to the group of universities that provide a broad range of comprehensive and up-to date knowledge of almost all scientific areas.

More details about the University of Novi sad can be found here.